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African Expedition for Young Rangers

Namibia is very special place in Africa - anyone can find something exiciting and interesting.

Its mainly non-malaria area, beautifull ocean perhaps not too warm as Indian, but not less magnificant. 

Namibia almost visa- free for all visitors (please check all official requirements) and mostly friendly and safe among neighbor countries. 

Massive deserts like Namib and Kalahari are belted all territory, strips of wetland in Caprivi and Okavango, spots of rocks and hills in Central region, vibrant Windhoek, posh Swakopmund, conservative Luderitz and seamen' Walvis Bay.

All of that is Namibia!


Introduction of participants into flora and fauna of Africa, involving in nature conservation process, initial knowledge of animals habits and life- Ethology; practical skill of survival in the African wildlife, acquaintance to local tribes and communities; fire arms and archering skills; training courses based on active involving Teen Coaching© method and training programmes for Filed Guides and safari-rangers; 


Safari-lodges and safari-camps of Central andNorthern Namibia. We use our own hunting lodges as training bases, which will be selected according exact training and program need of the participants’ group. Venues are Northern Kalahari, Karibib-Omaruru, Okavango delta,SkeletonCoast; Swakopmund/Walvis Bay, another possibilities;

Namibiais ex-German colony, mostly friendly and stable country ofSouthern Africa, with rich biodiversity and unique nature reserves as Etosha, Okavango etc.; Normally Namibian visa is easy obtained in airport by arrival; Its non Malaria-area;


During Expedition we can offer few types of accommodation, 1-2-3 beds in one room/tent (agreed w/parents of participants):

- in Safari-tents – full size canvas tent with all facilities inside –on the back yard or in sanitary zone no far than  15-30 meters from tent;

- Safari lodges (comfortable bungalows –located in wilderness);

- Bungalows and hotels (capital buildings);

- Field camps (light tents or “under the sky”- limited period- 1-2 nights – by weather condition- only for survival or tracking segments of training programme;


Traditionally we offer 5-times meal, which healthy and sustainable for children:

- coffee / tea, biscuits before morning safari;

- full-sized breakfast (continental or English or by special pre-order);

- lunch with choices – fix or buffet;

- midday snacks (fruits, cakes, juices);

- dinner (choice of hot meals, venison);


Instructors and expedition guides got extra meals and drinks (biltong, biscuits, apples, water, cokes) and will provide all participants if necessary;

If participants got special dietary needs – parents must inform before expedition start. During expedition all participants will be trained for coking in the field and the open fire and compact gas stove.



Teenagers from 10 to 17 years old, speaking English on advanced beginner / mediator level. Health condition must be ? in the field camp

Max number of participants in one group/patrol can be up to 9 persons. Each group have got one adult Trainer / Instructor- who stay 24/7 with a group during all expedition.

Instructors/ trainers and outfitters

Professional safari-rangers, field guides, professional hunters, biologists, conservation managers. According programs needs will be invite additional trainers (trackers, taxidermist, anthropologist etc).

Operated by Tokkroos LLC, Estonia

Unique specific and possibilities of African Expedition

-  possibility in teenage to obtain experience- which most adult can’t got during all their life;

- working language is English;

- program for each Expedition is tailor-made to fulfill needs and requests of participants and their parents. Stages of Expedition and trainings will be combined by Teen Coaching© method, according psycho-physiological specific of participants;

- there is possibility of non-involved participation of parents- (the same or next door venue, but they own program- like safari, hunting, fishing, adult trainings etc);  

- theoretical knowledge and lessons in the game form- immediate practical exercises under supervision of professionals in safari-industry;

- immerse in the wildlife nature ofAfrica, with all necessary precautions and safety rules; good initial knowledge and practical skills;  

- basic of Taxonomy, Biology, Geology, Geography;

- special accent on Ethology as scientific explanation of animal behavior;

 Requirements to participants

- Health insurance for amount not less than €50 000 –valid inNamibia;

- personal uniform and equipment (can be provide by operator for extra fee), group equipment is include in the fee;

- readiness to be trained and communicate in English;

- ability to live in the field camp;

- if all members are from one area – we will provide extra domestic field training before Expedition;
Basic program of the training part

- 1 day; group meeting, departure of Frankfurt airport toWindhoek-capital ofNamibiaby AirNamibia;

- 2 day; 6 a.m.; arrival toWindhoek, transfer to first base camp / safari lodge (Omaruru) accommodation; introduction lesson, Wilkommen dinner/party;

- 3 day; training start (pls see below “Day’ agenda”)

Subjects: “Mammals ofAfrica”, “VPDA- view potentially dangerous animals”, “Basic of cross country walk/trespassing in desert and semi-desert”; “Handling of firearms”;

- 4 day; Subjects: “Mammals of Africa – conti”, “Ethology- habits and behavior of wild animals”; practical training, “Basic of cross country walk in desert and semi-desert”; shooting of small caliber rifle .22 (or .270, .303); night in desert- controlled survival “open sky” camp;

- 5 day; “Specific of Namibian biomes”; “Ethology- habits and behavior of wild animals – conti”; archery training;

- 6 day; transfer to Swakopmund base, relaxation day, town museum, excursion, cimena, pizza/ice cream, boat trip byAtlantic ocean/ saeals/oysters (or next day);

- 7 day; practical- quad bike (ATV) riding (10 km route in the dunes ofKalahari desert); 

- 8 day; one-day expedition toSkeletonCoast(restricted area) 4x4 or overlanding trucks;

- 9 day; exam- shooting (rifle/bow); possible trophy hunting (rifle/bow) on small/middle sized antelopes (strictly by agreement with parents); individual quizzes/ exams; graduation ceremony;

- 10 day – back toWindhoek, flight to Europe-Frankfurt;

Subjects and areas of trainings:

NB all mentioned below subjects will be observed and touched during lessons, but can be accented by request of participants/parents; 

Big mammals ofAfrica;

VPDA- view potentially dangerous animals;

Basic of cross country walk in desert and semi-desert;

Skills of survival in savannah and desert;

Handling of firearms. Steady skills of correct and safe shooting;

Bow hunting and archery trainings;

Specific of Namibian biomes;

Birds ofSouthern Africa;

Insects and amphibians ofSouthern Africa;

Ethology- habits and behavior of wild animals;

Practical course of 4x4 truck (jeep) or quad-bike (ATV) driving in savannah;

Readingof animal’ spoors tracking;

Approx Day’ agenda:

6-00 wake up;

6-20 morning safari/ game drive;

8-00 toilet;

8-30 breakfast;

9-00 trainings/lessons/activities;

13-00 lunch;

Up to 15 p.m. – free time;

15-00 trainings/lessons/activities;

18-00 midday snacks;

18-15 evening safari / game drive;

20-00 dinner;

21-00 free time, camp fire;

22-00 lights out;

Approximate cost of expedition

Cost of direct flight by Namibia Air from Frankfurt toWindhoekand back is near 800 EUROS.

Cost of Expedition itself is between €1700 to €3200 per participants.

Cost depending on:

- different type of accommodation (safari-tents or safari lodges);

- including of distant venues asSkeletonCoastorOkavangodelta;

- extra specialization on selected subjects (as ammo for fire arms, more ATV for rent etc);

- some elements of program and transfers as hire plane for excursion;

- extra curriculum by parents request- which required extra instructors in requested subjects;

- number of participants in the group (from 3 up to 9);

Cost include:

Accommodation, meal, transfers in the country, education programs, standard trips, manuals and ammo;

Cost NOT include:

Insurance, pocket money, souvenirs, uniform and special personal equipment (agreed with parents);


- limited number of Expeditions during the year normally 2-3, related to seasonal animal activities and rain seasons;

- dates of each Expedition will be clarify as soon as group will be completed;

    • African Expedition for Young Rangers