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Sogjoy Hunting concession, Siberia
brown bear hunting, April-September 2019

Brownbear Hunting on our concession, arrival to Yakutsk

Reccommended period- May 10- June 30

Hunt cost - $5800 include Trophy fee, PH and trackers, Full board and comfortable accommodation of wooden Chalet - IZBA

Transport cost land/water transport to base camp and on the hunting concession - $5000 /1-4 persons


Yakutia-Saha, Siberia, Russia. Sogjoy’ main Lodge – N 62⁰15’39.8’’ / E 138⁰05’59.3’’

Hunting concession located to the NorthEast of Yakutsk, capital of Yakutia-Saha. The venue of the hunting tours are a huge territory in the south-eastern part of the district Tomponsky the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), within the boundaries of the Verkhoyansk Range.

A visa is required to visit Russia. It can be obtained at the your nearest Embassy or Consulate according our invitation and hunt’ confirmation after paying of deposit.

Hunting concession

1 200 000 hectares = 2 mln.acres

3 main rivers and number of lakes include Billyakh Lake, mountains, swamps, valleys.


2 wooden chalet – izba (2 guest hunters in each) and staff cabins, bio-toilets and latrines, sauna- Russian banya – shower, hot water, cantina, bar/ all new, clean and cozy


- Arrival to Moscow

- Transfer to Yakutsk (Sheremetjevo or Domodedovo) - 7 hours flight to Yakutsk, gun clearance by arrival;

- FAST trip- by helicopter straight to Sogjoy base (2,5 hours flight one way +refuel);

- SMART TRIP local plane to Tepluy Kluch (2 hours) and truck or boat transfer to Sogjoy base (3-5 hours);

- YAKUT SAFARI trip, for hunters who love to see country and distances (ferry via Lena river, 8 hours drive to Aldan ferry, arrival to Handyga village, 1,5 hours by boat to Turu river mouth, change to hovercraft, 5 hours- 160 km up to river;

Possible to combine different way TO and way BACK



Season August 1st- November 15

Method spotting and stalking, on foot, on horseback, by snowmobile in November,

Number of hunters – up to 4 pax

Recommended calibre 7 mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag

Approximate distances 200 - 400 m

Weather , landscape - mountain terrains, about +20°C during the day in August, between -5 and -20°С in November

Strongly required good shape, endurance of hunters

Extra Hunting species (license fee)

Yakut Snow Sheep Ovis nivicola lydekkeri- $5000

Wild Polar Deer $1500

Brown bear (start April-May)  $3000

Moose $2500

Siberian Musk deer Moschus moschiferus $1000

others species by request


Package Price  from $11 500  per single Hunter


7-8 days  hunt, 1x Snow Sheep (trophy licence incl), full board with alcohol, transfers on the concession, 1x1 PH or ranger, sauna, laundry, Field trophy preparation, Trophy measurement, Hunting license, Gun permits

Package Price / group max 4 pax/ $10 700 per person

Observer price / accomp. to Hunter $4 500

Not include:

International flights

Logistic from Yakutsk (one from 3 routes see above) by personal choice of hunters cost from $500 one way up to $7500 one way by helicopter (see above Logistic)


Gun rent if required

Tips and personal expenses

Hotels and meals before and after the hunt



deposit 50%- as booking confirmation, rest paid 30 days prior hunt

cancellation policy on


Outfitter – Slava Chernykh,

PH & owner of Tokkroos Safari


NB special offers for outfitters on GSCO and SCI convents

do not hesitate contact me

+372 55598338 /Viber&WhatsApp                                                                                        

Sogjoy Hunting Lodge